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Petal Haiku

Soft petals open

Revealing hidden beauty

Fragrance emerges


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Apollo rising on the Coast

A soft breeze filled with the smell of salt blew in from the sea.  Shades of deep blue and teal extended from a sandy shore extending for miles, only broken by mountainous islands reaching out of Aegean waters.  Dorin laid in the sand, his head resting on a shirt he’d fashioned into a pillow the night before.  He opened his eyes, rousing from sleep and sat up in a wide cave.  Wood still smoldered about 4 feet away in the middle of a shallow cave he’d where he’d camped.  Groggy, he stood, brushing off sand that had clung to his clothes and hair.  He made his way out toward the mouth of the cave. There was a small village two or three miles up the north shore he’d visited a three weeks ago.  Late one night he was  having drinks and dancing, that’s when he met her, Cynthia.  Fair skinned, red hair, and striking green eyes.  She was quite lovely.  Visiting Europe for a month long vacation.  Dorin felt a gaping pit in his stomach.  Three days ago he and Cynthia ran into Timur, a former associate of his.  The two men exchanged parse words and a fight ensued.  Dorin walked away with a black eye and sent Timur on his way, or so he thought.  Around 2am the door crashed in and there stood Timur holding a gun.  He’d also brought some muscle with him as well.  The two men spoke to each other in Russian, then his henchman swung his fist, hitting Dorin in the side of the face, knocking him out. When Dorin awoke, Cynthia was gone and a note was left on a nightstand beside the bed.  Timur had taken her and would contact him later with further instructions.

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Amorous Attracíon

Nothing had been working towards Ophelia’s favor since the end of last year.  In fact everything you could possibly imagine going wrong has.  Her mother disappeared, going M.I.A while traveling in Europe just after Halloween.  She last spoke with her on the phone on November 4th.  She’d met a man from Romania.  His name was Dorin.  He was handsome, dark hair, a chiseled jaw, and appeared to be close in age her mother.  She sent an email with a picture attached of the two of them on the beach in the south of France.  Her mother had an aire of giddiness and excitement in her voice that made her sound as though she were a teenager.  It was the first time in two years since her father had passed away that she sounded happy.  She was due to fly back November 21st but the hotel in London said she never checked in.  No phone calls.  Emails.  Nothing.  She contacted the U.S. Embassy and the London Police Department.  It was to early to file a missing person however the calls were enough, documenting her disappearance for the time being.  Olivia told herself she had done all she could do and prayed her Cynthia would resurface before further investigation was required.

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Intellectual Property

Laws protecting intellectual property—patents, copyrights, and trademarks—can both advance free speech and pose significant threats to civil liberties. The ability to keep books you write or pictures you take from being copied and sold without your permission, for instance, creates a financial incentive to write those books or take those pictures, fostering creativity and encouraging speech. By the same token, overly aggressive enforcement of copyright laws—the right to copy material—literally blocks people from speaking freely.

The ACLU has been at the forefront of trying to find the appropriate balance between protecting the incentive to create and invent and preserving free speech. We brought the successful Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics U.S. Supreme Court case, which invalidated patents on human genes. We continue to defend free speech in the face of copyright laws restricting technology with lawful, non-infringing uses, and we also work to preserve and expand the “fair use” doctrine, which provides a key safety valve that permits the use of copyrighted material in journalism, teaching, satire, and other important areas.

With the growth of the Internet and the advance of modern technology, this balance is especially important. Lawmakers have repeatedly proposed measures that tip the balance in the wrong direction, including the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), both of which we opposed. We must be vigilant to ensure that intellectual property laws continue to serve the First Amendment and do not become the means to gum up the marketplace of ideas.

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Saturday Night Tribe


noun | \’trib\

1   a : a social group comprising families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adobted strangers

b : a political division of the Roman people originally representing one of the three tribes of ancient Rome


2   : a category of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest

3   : a category of taxonomic classification ranking below a subfamily; also : a natural group irrespective of taxonomic rank · the cat tribe · the rose tribe



For quite sometime I have not felt as though I truly belonged among people.  I remember experiencing feelings of isolation as a child.  Those feelings were not dominant until being singled out by other students and exacerbated by school administrators who suggested I could put an end the name calling by bloodying one of their noses.   I was 15 when I discovered OASOS.


I was still trying to figure out my sexuality.  I knew I was attracted to women but I was also attracted to men.  I was amazed to discover that a group such as this even existed!  It was one of the first times in my life I felt comfortable talking about sexuality without fear of judgement, harrased, or being reprerimanded.  I felt like I could breathe and that I had found my tribe.  There were people younger and older and all of the councillors were amazing!  I still have pictures from when I attended during the late 90s.



It’s late and I’m a bit tired so I’m going to wrap this up and leave you all with a few links to other resources for everyone.

Pflag – Parents and friends of lesbians and gays.

Glaad – Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union

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Into the fire

So late nights turn into early mornings when you have chronic back pain. True story. There are some things medications can barely touch. It’s not a complete waste though I did manage to sleep around 2 & 1/2 – 3 hrs over the course of the evening. Another bonus is watching a spectacular moonrise followed by what will be a rather breathtaking sun rise. Life is funny. What it takes away from us in some area it gives us another. I don’t know if it’s fate or destiny but I know it to be beautiful and miraculous with every fiber of my being. Cars traveling along 79, crickets chirping in the distance, and a small animal foraging under the pear trees are the only sounds that break silence of a perfect morning as dew forms on the tops of vehicles and lawns.